Sunday, October 21, 2012

Importing Data From Excel Using SSIS - Part 2

In my last tip, "Importing Data From Excel Using SSIS - Part 1" we found out that the SSIS Excel Connection Manager determines the data type of each column of the worksheet on the basis of data for that particular column from the first 8 rows. This is the default behavior and connection manager uses a value in the registry key to consider the number of rows for data type determination. We also saw that the data import fails if the data in others rows (other than first 8 rows) is not compatible or has a longer length than the data in the first 8 rows. I talked about different ways to handle this to make the data import succeed. I also talked about the easiest solution which is to change the registry key value, but this has its own implications and hence the question; what other options are there without creating too much additional overhead? for information click here. 

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