Thursday, June 30, 2011

Diagnostic logging in SharePoint 2010

For diagnostic logging, the Unified Logging Service (ULS) has been available since previous versions of SharePoint. But what improvements and refinements have been done in SharePoint 2010? What are the options available for diagnostic logging in SharePoint 2010? How better we can control the amount of diagnostic information to be logged in SharePoint 2010? For more details click here.

Getting Started with the SharePoint Logging and Reporting Database in SharePoint 2010

In my last tip I talked about diagnostic logging in SharePoint 2010 and how it helps in troubleshooting. Troubleshooting with trace files is good but wouldn't it be cool if we have all the logging (usage and health) information on single place in consolidated form which help you to build reports and do analysis on collected data from all the servers of the farm? I heard SharePoint 2010 has new logging database. What is it, what does it store? How we can control the amount of information to be logged in the SharePoint logging database? For more details, click care.

Health Analyzer in SharePoint 2010

As a SharePoint Administrator you always wanted to have something in place which alerts you about the running issues or potential problems in your farm. SharePoint 2010 has come up with an 'out of the box' Health Analyzer feature which alerts you about the potential problems, and the locations where they occurred, the cause and how to resolve these issues. Let's explore it more.

Getting started with Code Snippets feature of SQL Server Denali

In SQL Server Denali under Manageability enhancements, code snippets feature has been introduced. In this tip I am going to talk about what it is, how to use it and if required how can we customize/add code snippet (script template) as per our need, for more details click here.

Short-cut keys for commonly used tasks in SSMS - Part 2

We often overlook different SSMS shortcut keys which provide a boost in DBA and Developer productivity. In the second tip of this series (SQL Server Management Studio keyboard shortcuts - Part 1), I am going to further explain shortcut keys for managing Intellisence, debugging, running your code and many here

Short-cut keys for commonly used tasks in SSMS - Part 1

As responsibilities are growing every day, a DBA or developer needs to improve his/her productivity. One way to do this is to use as many shortcuts as possible instead of using your mouse and the menus. In this tip we take a look at common tasks you may perform when using SSMS and the associated shortcut keys, for more details click here.

Understanding SQL Server Net-Libraries

I know that SQL Server and its clients interact with each other using different Net-Libraries or network protocols. But what are these Net-Libraries that SQL Server uses and how do each of these differ from the others. Also, in which scenario is one preferred over the others? SQL Server provides different Net-Libraries, known as Dynamic-Link Library (DLL), to let clients communicate with SQL Server using different network protocols. These Net-Libraries specify which networking protocols to use while exchanging data back and forth between SQL Server and the clients. To learn more about it click here.