Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Getting Starting with Change Data Capture (CDC) in SQL Server

Prior to SQL Server 2008 there was no in-built support to identify changed data set for incrementally pulling data from a source table and hence we had to write our own custom logic (for example by adding Last Created Date or Last Modified Date columns in the source table and updating it accordingly or by some other means) so that changed data sets can be identified for incremental data pull. Starting with SQL Server 2008 we have two different in-built mechanisms (please note, you don’t need to write code for leveraging these features though you just need to enable it accordingly as per your need) to identify DML changes (INSERT, UPDATE, DELTE) happening at the source table so that only changed data sets can be considered for data pull from the source table and to load into the data warehouse called Change Data Capture (CDC) and Change Tracking (CT). Please refer this article to learn more about Change Data Capture (CDC).

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