Monday, November 29, 2010

Unattached Content Database Recovery in SharePoint 2010

In earlier versions of SharePoint, to restore or recover content from a backup file, we had to restore the backed up file to a database server and had to attach that restored database to a another SharePoint farm. Then we needed to export the required content from this new temporary farm and then migrate it to the original farm where we wanted to recover it. This whole process required a huge time investment and rigorous planning.

SharePoint 2010 removes much of the administrative overhead with the inclusion of a Granular Backup and Restore feature. In the above mentioned scenario, we don't need to setup another temporary farm just to restore some content from the backup. We can simply restore a content database backup on any SQL Server instance (or can create database snapshot of the current database before making changes to the web application) and then use the unattached content database recovery feature from the Central Administration to browse the content of the backup. Then we can export it to a file and import it whenever we want, for more details click here.

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