Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Manage Database Projects With Visual Studio 2010

Prior to Microsoft Visual Studio 2005, managing database projects had been a real challenge. Microsoft Visual Studio 2005 Database Professional Edition (also known as Data dude) simplified this process and Microsoft Visual Studio 2008 Database Edition GDR 2 further, along with several bug fixes, enhanced its capability to support newest feature of SQL Server 2008. New release i.e. Microsoft Visual Studio 2010 brings a whole lot of new features and enhancements compared to its earlier versions. For example, you can now connect to SQL Server from Visual Studio IDE (Integrated Development Environment) itself with new in-built T-SQL Editor without actually going to SQL Server Management Studio (SSMS), you will get T-SQL Intellisence support while writing or modifying your T-SQL code etc. To learn more click here.

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